Some mugs Ms. KT threw this weekend.

Mamiya M645

Downtown Key Largo, FL MM98

Took the M645 out to the convenience store. The 1000s is still has the occasional advance issue. Something to do with the clutch. 

Cleaning up my Nikkormat after a kayaking in the canal. I consider this camera a beater but, it has a solid meter, advance and it’s an F mount. Because it’s a solid camera I cleaned up the outside with some diluted cleaning solution. 

Mamiya Repair: Two bodies pictured here, The M645 J and the M645 1000S. The advance on the 1000s slips occasionally on the last three exposures, I just have to keep an eye on the film counter in case I have to crank it a second time. 

On the M645 J, the top curtain is hanging down a bit and might be fixed if taken apart and reassembled. 

Vinyl Selections: More from the collection. 

Vinyl Selections: Parts of a collection of albums and soundtracks.

Creepy Crawlies at night in the grove.

Top Photo Likers of July 2014


With their fast internet connection and their hearts filled with love for beautiful images, liking thousands of lomographs within a month is as easy as pie!

|Over 10k clicks!

VHS Camcorders

Stills & .gifs: KT & I received a wonder X-bow as a gift last week. Ms. KT has taken a serious liking to it, and she decent shot. 

Darkroom 07/27/14 - Over the weekend I spent some time in the studio working on a few prints. All out of 4x6 paper now.

Nikon F3 & Arista Premium 400 (r09)

Some masks from the prop closet. 

Awesome Albums: Hats & Masks by clownshoes


Don’t let the clean look of these photos deceive you. Take a closer look and get a taste of its bizarre shapes and forms!

|Thank you Eunice at Lomography for the nice write up on my last album.

Pottery 070514 - At the house with KT while she works on making a new Sake set. 

Darkroom weekend. #35mm

Darkroom weekend. #35mm